DOG-e-LITE leash

DOG-e-LITE leash

DOG-e-LITE leash, a highly reflective dog leash with an integrated flashlight!

Light up your way, light up your dog! The highly reflective dog leash with an integrated flashlight offers safety to you and your dog while walking in the twilight or in the dark at night as everyone needs safety through visibility. This safety is now guaranteed as approaching vehicles already start reflecting the leash by using their beam at a distance. The solar technology is made of highest quality and makes the battery needless. It recharges the flashlight quickly and easily, therefore you are able to see and be visible again at night.

  • Charge control.
  • Comfortable padded handle.
  • Weatherproof nylon.
  • Reflective stitching for high visibility.
  • Quality snap hook.
  • Easy “slip in/slip out” system of the DOG-e-LITE for fixing off and on to the leash.
  • Powerful solar – no battery needed.
  • Well protected against splash water.
  • Super light weight: 60 gr.
Available colour:
  • Black.
Available size:
  • 2,5 x 110 – 180 cm.

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