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DOG-e-LITE leash

DOG-e-LITE leash DOG-e-LITE leash, a highly reflective dog leash with an integrated flashlight! Light up your way, light up your dog! The highly reflective dog leash with an integrated flashlight offers safety to you and your dog while walking in the twilight or in the dark at night as everyone needs safety through visibility. This safety is now guaranteed as approaching vehicles already start reflecting the leash by using their beam at a distance. The solar technology is made of highest quality and makes the battery needless. It recharges the flashlight quickly and easily, therefore you are...

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Anti-Bite leash

Anti-Bite leash More than 30% of all dogs tend to chew on leashes while waiting. The most young dogs tend to leash biting, to meet this problem the new Anti Bite leash fits perfectly. The Anti Bite leash has an interior strip with chilli coating! In an elaborated procedure this strip is processed and in this way it prevents the dog’s chewing on the leash. As soon as the dog starts to chew on the leash the dog scents and tastes the chilli immediately and stops the leash biting. This line is adjustable by means of several carabiners. Available colour: Black. Available sizes: M: 2 x 220...

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DOG-e-walk New signal bandwidth 20 – 25 kHz. P.P.S. Professional Power-Signal. What is DOG-e-walk? DOG-e-walk is the ideal, fully automated training device for dogs. 4 adjustable levels. Compatible with all leashes. Your advantages: An ideal and harmless trainer to help you train your dog. Easy handling. Dog reacts to the signal immediately. Humans can’t hear the sound. Range of application: Stops your dog pulling on the leash. Technology: N.I.S. (Non-Irritation-System): DOG-e-walk communicates directly with your dog, without irritating other dogs, due to it’s direct...

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Walk and Drive leash

Walk and Drive leash Comfort and safety! The Walk and Drive leash is a multi-functional short leash which offers everything to make the walk with your dog exciting. The integrated car-adapter fits in nearly every type of car and stops the dog to jump around. The car adapter is protected by an extensive manufactured casing which has a mini pocket for money, key or poop bags. Features: Weatherproof nylon. Reflectable safety stitching. Padded handle. Mini pocket in casing. Auto-adapter. Adjustable. Size: Adjustable from 70 to 120 cm. Available colour:...

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Hands Free leash

Hands Free leash With the Patento Pet Hands Free leash dogs and their owners can enjoy sporting together. This innovative line around the wrist of the owner with a roll-up system, is the most comfortable way to keep a dog easy to control while running. Direct contact with your dog and easily rolled up around the wrist. A handy running line that does not get in the way if the dog is not on the leash. Features: Integrated roll-up system. Mini pocket for money, keys or poop bags. Individual adjustable. Weatherproof nylon. Reflective stitchings. Chrome-plated snap-hook. Size: 110 x 1 cm....

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Sport harness

Sport harness Does your dog have a sesitive neck? Do you have problems in education your dog? A lot of dog owners change to harnesses. Patento Pet designed a unique harness with a integrated line which can be pulled out within seconds. During a walk or training dogs need to be leashed, because for safety reasons. Within several seconds and without stress the Dog Control Harness changes to a harness with a short line, so that the freedom to move can be reduced immediately. Once the line need not be used anymore, it is automatically retracted by means of the elastic material, and integrated...

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