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Mr. Herzher Original Wicker Pet Residence

Mr. Herzher Original Wicker Pet Residence Features: Rhino Wicker™ material won’t absorb fluids or odors and cleans up easily with soap and water. Protective, no-slip feet raise entire residence off floor. Thoughtful, easy assembly ensures tight and rattle-free fit. Spring loaded door latch easily latches shut, swings wide open, or swings inside latching to the inside wall out of the way of both pets and people. Available colour: Brown. Available sizes: Small: 61 x 46 x 53 cm. Medium: 76 x 53 x 61 cm. Large: 91 x 61 x 69 cm. Xlarge: 107 x 71 x 61...

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DOG-e-LITE leash

DOG-e-LITE leash DOG-e-LITE leash, a highly reflective dog leash with an integrated flashlight! Light up your way, light up your dog! The highly reflective dog leash with an integrated flashlight offers safety to you and your dog while walking in the twilight or in the dark at night as everyone needs safety through visibility. This safety is now guaranteed as approaching vehicles already start reflecting the leash by using their beam at a distance. The solar technology is made of highest quality and makes the battery needless. It recharges the flashlight quickly and easily, therefore you are...

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Anti-Bite leash

Anti-Bite leash More than 30% of all dogs tend to chew on leashes while waiting. The most young dogs tend to leash biting, to meet this problem the new Anti Bite leash fits perfectly. The Anti Bite leash has an interior strip with chilli coating! In an elaborated procedure this strip is processed and in this way it prevents the dog’s chewing on the leash. As soon as the dog starts to chew on the leash the dog scents and tastes the chilli immediately and stops the leash biting. This line is adjustable by means of several carabiners. Available colour: Black. Available sizes: M: 2 x 220...

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Pet Safety Seat

Crash tested! The Pet Safety Seat utilizes Safe-T-Core™ technology, a rigid internal structure that integrates with the vehicle seat belt to provide added security for your pet, and installs securely in one minute in the front or back seat. The design has been crash tested in a DOT-approved facility, and the included strength-rated safety tether has been tested to 2,000 lbs! The Pet Safety Seat has a roomy, fully padded interior that gives your dog (or dogs!) room to relax. The inside floor of the basket is nine inches above the vehicle seat so pets can easily see out while traveling. And,...

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