PINGI odour eliminator

Universal odour eliminator, absorbs unpleasant smells of pets and other sources in the house, car, boat or other places. Absorbs odours. Free of synthetic fragrances.


Remove the plastic packaging. Do not open the fabric bag. As soon as the pastic packaging has been removed, the odour eliminator begins absorbing smells. Start using the product directly after opening the packaging. The active charcoal inside the product will start absorbing odours immediatly. Whe the effectiveness of the product starts to decrease, it can easily be re-charged. Put the bag on the heating or a sunny windowsill for 2 days. We recommend to do this once a month. Over time the intake capacity will diminish. The product should be replaced after about 6 months.


Position the bag as close as possible to the place where the odours originate from. Place out of reach of the pets in order to avoid the product getting damaged. Dot not place the bag on sensitive surfaces of light fabrics to avoid stains. Remove possible stains by first vacuuming and then rinsing with warm water and dishwashing liquid.


The content of the bag has been classified as harmless for humans and environment. In case a pet swallows the content of the product, ensure that it drinks plenty of fluids. Contact a vet if complaints persist and present the label of the packaging. The product may be disposed of through household waste.


27 x 34 x 5cm (l x w x h).


1 kg.


Dark blue.


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